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Viewable With Any Browser
These pages should be viewable by any browser. The Anybrowser campaign is fighting to stop browser specific features preventing viewing of pages by another browser.

Special HTML tags like <FONT> are used sparingly in these pages. Tables are used in the ULCC pages, but have been tested with Lynx (v2.7). All images have "ALT" tags for image-free browsing and "HEIGHT" and "WIDTH" tags for users with slow connections.

Made with cascading style sheets
To add some typographical control, many pages have CSS1 stylesheets. These are used to specify fonts and relative sizes without cluttering up the main HTML markup. See the browsers page for a selection browsers that can use CSS1 stylesheets.

Bobby Approved
Bobby is a free web-based service that will help you make web pages accessible to people with disabilities. It will also find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different web browsers.

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